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These videos were made for Fenix Group, INC. and Shield AI in collaboration with LooseKeys. Was fun to do some 3d work with the Toon and Cel Shader.

Banshee Mobile Broadband Networks:

Hivemind Nova:

Shield AI – Hivemind Nova

Hivemind Nova is powered by our AI framework, Hivemind. It gets smarter and more capable every time it is used.Client: Shield AIProduction Company: LooseKeysCreative Director: Brad ChmielewskiDesign: Brad Chmielewski and Jake WilliamsAnimation: Brad Chmielewski, Thomas Donaldson, and Jake WilliamsAnimation Assistant: Maeve PriceSound Design: Maeve PriceSoftware: After Effects Adobe, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, & Cinema 4D

Posted by LooseKeys on Tuesday, May 1, 2018

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